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Snake River Chess Club

Location: Idaho Falls

State: Idaho

Rating: unrated



We intend to support and serve the players in East Idaho from Jackson to Arco and from St Anthony to Pocatello. We are based in Idaho Falls and primarily operate at the Idaho Falls Public Library. We have regular meetings there every Wednesday 6-9p and Saturday 11-2p. We hope to start hosting regular tournaments and other competitive play events in the near future, as well as establish a permanent location with expanded hours of operation. We are small yet and only have ten to twelve boards, with half as many clocks. Our current base is around 20+ players with about a dozen dedicated regular players spanning a large range of abilities and ages. We hope to significantly expand our player base and participation. We would very much appreciate if we could add our fledgling organization to your local chess clubs page and spread the word elsewhere! At this time, we are an unrated club, but we are looking into affiliation with US Chess to host rated games in the near future.
Contact Adam. Email: Phone: 208-201-6534
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