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Cabot, Arkansas: Cabot Conundrum Chess Ninjas

Location: Cabot

State: Arkansas

Rating: CXR, unrated

Kids only club


Top players

Tournaments history

CABOT . Cabot, Arkansas : Cabot Conundrum Chess Ninjas (USCF ID A8821646). Affiliate Type: Club, Address: Meeting Location , Cabot Public Library Cabot, Arkansas : 72023, Phone: (510) 301-3693, Located at 909 W. Main St. Cabot, AR 72023 (855) 572-6657 or Cabot Public Library, email: Club Activities: Beginners Welcome, Blitz Play, Book Library, Casual Play, Classes, Clocks, Club Memb Not Req, Handicap Accessible, Ladders, Lectures, Lessons, Matches, Sets, US Chess Rated Play, Unrated Events, Under 18 Permitted
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